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Buckling of spherical capsules.
By preventing self-intersection for strongly reduced volume, this work obtains a complete picture of the buckling process and can follow the shape from the initial undeformed state through the Buckling instability into the fully collapsed state.
Event-chain Monte Carlo algorithms for three- and many-particle interactions
We generalize the rejection-free event-chain Monte Carlo algorithm from many particle systems with pairwise interactions to systems with arbitrary three- or many-particle interactions. We introduce
Elastometry of deflated capsules: elastic moduli from shape and wrinkle analysis.
A combined analysis of the shape and wrinkling characteristics enables us to determine the elastic properties in situ and reveals an interesting nonlinear behavior consistent with the hydrophobin molecules having a rigid core surrounded by a softer shell.
Enhanced ordering of interacting filaments by molecular motors.
Langevin dynamics simulations show that the motor activity enhances the tendency for nematic ordering, and a quantitative theory for the location of the phase boundary as a function of motor density is developed.
The secondary buckling transition: Wrinkling of buckled spherical shells
The first axisymmetric buckling transition is described by numerical integration of the complete set of shape equations and an approximate analytic model due to Pogorelov, and an analytical expression for the critical volume at the secondary buckling Transition is obtained.
Actin polymerization and depolymerization coupled to cooperative hydrolysis.
A new theoretical model that explicitly incorporates these different subprocesses and states of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) during actin (de)polymerization is introduced and compared with recent experimental data for actin depolymerization.
Dislocations and the critical endpoint of the melting line of vortex line lattices
line merge. 14 In this paper we present an explanation for the existence of a critical endpoint of the first-order melting line in the presence of point disorder. Our argumentation is based on a
Osmotic buckling of spherical capsules.
An accurate analytical formula is derived for the relationship between the osmotic pressure, the elastic moduli and the volume of buckled capsules that allows use of elastic capsules as osmosis pressure sensors or deduction of elastic properties and the internal osmolyte concentration from shape changes in response to osmatic pressure changes.
Unbundling and desorption of semiflexible polymers
A complete classification for unbundling transitions of two semiflexible polymers and for desorption transitions of such polymers at planar surfaces is presented. The interaction potentials can
Cooperative dynamics of microtubule ensembles: polymerization forces and rescue-induced oscillations.
The cooperative dynamics of an ensemble of N microtubules growing against an elastic barrier is investigated and their dependence on tubulin on-rates and rescue rates, which can be involved in cellular regulation mechanisms, is investigated.