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Effect of soil fertility management practices on nematode destroying fungi in Taita, Kenya
The effect of soil fertility management practices on nematode destroying fungi was investigated for three seasons in Taita, Kenya using the soil sprinkle technique and isolates were identified using the key described by Cooke and Godfrey (1964).
Occurrence and diversity of nematode destroying fungi in banana production zones in Maragua, Kenya
It can be concluded that, soils in the banana production zones are rich in nematode destroying fungi and M. cionopagum is being the most wide spread species.
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Soil Biodiversity for Agricultural Productivity
Soil biodiversity represents the variety of life belowground whose interaction with plants and small animals forms a web of biological activity. It improves the entry and storage of water, resistance
Diversity of nematodes and nematode destroying fungi as influenced by land use in Taita Taveta, Kenya.
The frequency of isolation of nematode destroying fungi was positively correlated to abundance of plant parasitic nematodes, and the level of carbon declined with land-use intensification.
Effects of Land-Use Intensification on Distribution and Diversity of Fusarium Species in Machakos County, Kenya
Land-use intensification has a significant influence on occurrence of soil microorganisms and Lands with a higher intensity of disturbance had a higher abundance and richness of Fusarium than the less undisturbed lands.