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Histamine metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with chronic schizophrenia: their relationships to levels of other aminergic transmitters and ratings of symptoms
The elevated levels of t-MH in cerebrospinal fluid, which represent histamine that was released and metabolized, suggest increased central histaminergic activity in patients with chronic schizophrenia. Expand
Lack of a Precursor‐Product Relationship Between Histamine and Its Metabolites in Brain After Histidine Loading
Results imply that high doses of His distort the simple precursor‐product relationship between histamine and its methylated metabolites in brain, and raise questions about the validity of using His loading as a specific probe of brain histaminergic function. Expand
Presence and measurement of methylimidazoleacetic acids in brain and body fluids.
Complete chemical ionization mass spectra and mass ion abundance ratios established the identity of N tau - and N pi - methylimidazolacetic acids in the biological extracts and of imidazoleacetic acid in urine, but not in cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, and brain. Expand
Histamine turnover in regions of rat brain
While hypothalamic histamine had the highest turnover rate, the rate constant for histamine in this region was among the lowest in brain, perhaps consistent with the presence of histaminergic cell bodies. Expand
An improved GCMS method to measure tele-methylhistamine.
The derivatization procedure itself was changed, the new method exhibiting significantly improved reproducibility and the t-MH content found in nine rat brain regions agree with previously reported values. Expand
Elevated levels of histamine metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid of aging, healthy humans.
The metabolites of histamine, tele-methylhistamine (t-MH) and tele-methylimidazoleacetic acid ( t-MIAA) were measured in lumbar cerebrospinal fluid of healthy, normal volunteers aged 20-31 and 60-72 by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and did not overlap between the younger and older subjects. Expand
Influence of age and gender on the levels of histamine metabolites and pros-methylimidazoleacetic acid in human cerebrospinal fluid.
The metabolites of histamine, tele-methylhistamine (t-MH) and t-MIAA and their sum (which represents virtually all histamine metabolized in brain) were significantly higher in CSF from older subjects and were positively correlated with age. Expand
Simultaneous measurement of acetylcholine and choline in brain by pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
Pyrolysis-gas chromatography and chemical ionization mass fragmentography were combined to develop a specific, simple and rapid method for simultaneously measuring endogenous and stable isotopicExpand