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Apoptosis: A Basic Biological Phenomenon with Wide-ranging Implications in Tissue Kinetics
Apoptosis seems to be involved in cell turnover in many healthy adult tissues and is responsible for focal elimination of cells during normal embryonic development, and participates in at least some types of therapeutically induced tumour regression.
Cell death: the significance of apoptosis.
Patterns of cell death.
Biochemically, there is distinctive internucleosome cleavage of DNA in apoptosis, which is quite different from the random DNA degradation observed in necrosis.
Cell death by apoptosis during involution of the lactating breast in mice and rats.
Apoptosis, recognized by sharply demarcated compaction of chromatin against the nuclear envelope and by shrinkage and budding of the whole cell to form membrane-bounded apoptotic bodies, was responsible for major loss of cells in both species.
Deletion of cells by apoptosis during castration-induced involution of the rat prostate
  • J. Kerr, J. Searle
  • Biology, Medicine
    Virchows Archiv. B, Cell pathology
  • 25 June 1973
The results indicate that apoptosis can be triggered and inhibited in a differentiated adult tissue by hormones normally present in the blood, and suggest that the control of cell deletion might play just as important a role in the homeostasis of cell populations as does theControl of mitosis.