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The Vision of Autonomic Computing
A 2001 IBM manifesto noted the almost impossible difficulty of managing current and planned computing systems, which require integrating several heterogeneous environments into corporate-wide computing systems that extend into the Internet. Expand
Agent-Human Interactions in the Continuous Double Auction
It is found that agents consistently obtain significantly larger gains from trade than their human counterparts, in sharp contrast to the robust convergence observed in previous all-human or all-agent CDA experiments. Expand
Directed-graph epidemiological models of computer viruses
It is concluded that an imperfect defense against computer viruses can still be highly effective in preventing their widespread proliferation, provided that the infection rate does not exceed a well-defined critical epidemic threshold. Expand
Power and performance management of virtualized computing environments via lookahead control
This work implements and validate a dynamic resource provisioning framework for virtualized server environments wherein the provisioning problem is posed as one of sequential optimization under uncertainty and solved using a lookahead control scheme. Expand
Spawn: A Distributed Computational Economy
Using concurrent Monte Carlo simulations as prototypical applications, the authors explore issues of fairness in resource distribution, currency as a form of priority, price equilibria, the dynamics of transients, and scaling to large systems. Expand
Dynamic pricing by software agents
The potential impact of widespread shopbot usage on prices, the price dynamics that may ensue from various mixtures of automated pricing agents, the potential use of machine-learning algorithms to improve profits, and more generally the interplay among learning, optimization, and dynamics in agent-based information economies are studied. Expand
Analyzing Complex Strategic Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems
We develop a model for analyzing complex games with repeated interactions, for which a full game-theoretic analysis is intractable. Our approach treats exogenously specified, heuristic strategies,Expand
Efficient resource provisioning in compute clouds via VM multiplexing
This paper presents three design modules to enable a joint-VM sizing approach in which multiple VMs are consolidated and provisioned, based on an estimate of their aggregate capacity needs, and presents a VM selection method that seeks to find good VM combinations for being provisioned together. Expand
Utility functions in autonomic systems
A distributed architecture, implemented in a realistic prototype data center, that demonstrates how utility functions can enable a collection of autonomic elements to continually optimize the use of computational resources in a dynamic, heterogeneous environment is presented. Expand
Measuring and modeling computer virus prevalence
A statistical analysis of computer virus incidents in a large, stable sample population of PCs and new epidemiological models of virus spread are conducted and incorporated into a cost-effective anti-virus policy for organizations. Expand