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The Morphology of Blepharisma undulans Stein
SYNOPSIS. Electron-microscope studies have revealed the ciliature and infraciliature of Blepharisma undulans to include tubular filaments about 24 mμ in diameter. As these filaments pass from theExpand
Nubian Zar Ceremonies as Psychotherapy
The term zar, referring both to a ceremony and a class of spirits, is usually associated with Ethiopia and may be of Amharic origin. However, the zar is also found the length of the Nile, fromExpand
Energy-aware collaborative sensing for multiple applications in mobile cloud computing
We present and evaluate an algorithm which seeks to maximise the degree to which sensed data transferred from a given mobile device can be served to more than one application. Expand
Current and historic distribution and abundance of the inarticulated brachiopod, Lingula reevii Davidson (1880), in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
The inarticulated brachiopod, Lingula reevii Davidson (1880) is a filter-feeding invertebrate that burrows vertically in sandy or mixed sediments. Its only recorded occurrence is from Kaneohe Bay,Expand
A Survey to Identify the Clinical Coding and Classification Systems Currently in Use Across Europe
This paper examines what clinical coding and classification systems are currently in use across the EU (European Union) including those countries intending to join. Expand
Reliable capacity provisioning for distributed cloud/edge/fog computing applications
This paper presents the RECAP vision for an integrated edge-cloud architecture, discusses the scientific foundation of the project, and outlines plans for toolsets for continuous data collection, application performance modeling, application and component auto-scaling and remediation, and deployment optimization. Expand