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Evidence for a canonical gamma-ray burst afterglow light curve in the Swift XRT data
We present new observations of the early X-ray afterglows of the first 27 gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) well observed by the Swift X-Ray Telescope (XRT). The early X-ray afterglows show a canonicalExpand
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Bright X-ray Flares in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
Gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows have provided important clues to the nature of these massive explosive events, providing direct information on the nearby environment and indirect information on theExpand
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We report the discovery of 3.76 s pulsations from a new burst source near Sgr A^* observed by the NuSTAR observatory. The strong signal from SGR J1745–29 presents a complex pulse profile modulatedExpand
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The 22 Month Swift-BAT All-Sky Hard X-ray Survey
We present the catalog of sources detected in the first 22 months of data from the hard X-ray survey (14-195 keV) conducted with the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) coded mask imager on the SwiftExpand
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Swift Discovery of a New Soft Gamma Repeater, SGR J1745-29, near Sagittarius A*
Starting in 2013 February, Swift has been performing short daily monitoring observations of the G2 gas cloud near Sgr A* with the X-Ray Telescope to determine whether the cloud interaction leads toExpand
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Swift and infra-red observations of the blazar 3C 454.3 during the giant X-ray flare of May 2005
We present the results of a series of Swift and quasi simultaneous ground-based infra-red observations of the blazar 3C 454.3 carried out in April-May 2005 when the source was 10 to 30 times brighterExpand
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The prompt-afterglow connection in gamma-ray bursts: a comprehensive statistical analysis of Swift X-ray light curves
We present a comprehensive statistical analysis of Swift X-ray light-curves of GammaRay Bursts (GRBs) collecting data from more than 650 GRBs discovered by Swift and other facilities. TheExpand
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A glimpse of the end of the dark ages: the gamma-ray burst of 23 April 2009 at redshift 8.3
It is thought that the first generations of massive stars in the Universe were an important, and quite possibly dominant, source of the ultra-violet radiation that reionized the hydrogen gas in theExpand
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A Multimessenger Picture of the Flaring Blazar TXS 0506+056: Implications for High-energy Neutrino Emission and Cosmic-Ray Acceleration
Detection of the IceCube-170922A neutrino coincident with the flaring blazar TXS 0506+056, the first and only ∼3σ high-energy neutrino source association to date, offers a potential breakthrough inExpand
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We present the X-ray timing and spectral evolution of the Galactic Center magnetar SGR J1745−2900 for the first ~4 months post-discovery using data obtained with the Nuclear Spectroscopic TelescopeExpand
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