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Book review: Jayanta Mahapatra, Temple. Dangaroo Press, 1989. 58 pp
Using the frame of two news reports from The Times of India (1980) of New Delhi and The Telegraph (1986) of Calcutta, regarding first an old couple who committed suicide because of poverty andExpand
A Categorical Imperative?
IN A recent article' Professor Asher Moore has put forward a thesis which, if sound, would render invalid a large number of quite commonly held ethical theories. Short cuts to the truth, or shortExpand
Mr. J. Kemp and æSthetic Judgments
I AGREE with most of Mr. Kemp's paper, "Generalization in the Philosophy of Art" (Philosophy, XXXIII, 1958) but on his position at one point I should like briefly to comment. Mr. Kemp says (p. I54):Expand
Musk-Cats and Monkies : Africans and domestic slavery, the judicial process, and Somerset's Case in eighteenth century England
This study examines the famous trial of James Somerset in 1772 and its wider social and legal position within the black experience in the British Atlantic. Previous scholars avow either that the caseExpand
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