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The World As Will And Idea
Gdansk, Poland). 1805 20 April: Suicide (alleged) of his father. 1809–11 Studies in Gottingen. 1811–13 Studies at Berlin University; lectures by Fichte, Wolf, and Schleiermacher. 1813 Writes hisExpand
A Commentary on Kant's Critique of Practical Reason.
I: The Writing of the "Critique of Practical Reason" II: The Limits of Theoretical Reason III: Thought, Action, and Practical Reason IV: Name, Purpose, and Structure of the "Critique" Commentary onExpand
The Philosophy of Kant
A synopsis of Kant's critical philosophy which is written in the hope that it will make the reading of Kant "a little easier". The book expounds the principal theses of Kant's theoretical andExpand
Generalization In The Philosophy Of Art
If we ask what are the problems which have to be dealt with when the subject of art is being discussed in a philosophical manner, we shall no doubt receive a variety of answers: but there will be inExpand
Kemp-Vincent rally test of tennis skill.
Abstract The Kemp-Vincent Rally Test of tennis skill was constructed to overcome the criticisms of available tennis skills tests. The major criticisms have been that current tests do not measureExpand
Locke on War and Peace.
Interpreter of nature : selected writings
Philosophy, Politics and Society.