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Ultrastructure de la paroi sporique des Heterobasidiomycetes — I
The spore walls in some Auriculariales and Tremellales are analysed to demonstrate an eventual uniformity of structure and to compare it with the construction formed near the apophysis duringExpand
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Spinors and multivectors as a unified tool for spacetime geometry and for elementary particle physics
From the definition of spinors as the minimal left (right) modules of multivectors (that is, of vectors and their outer products), we can construct a unified mathematical approach for the study ofExpand
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Multivectorial representation of Lie groups
In vector spaces of dimensionn=p+q a multivector (Clifford) algebraC(p, q) can be constructed. In this paper a multivectorC(p, q) representation, riot restricted to the bivector subalgebraC2(p, q),Expand
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El Sistema Nacional de Investigadores en México
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Actions of GLq (2,C) on C(1,3) and its four dimensional representations
A complete classification is given of all inner actions on the Clifford algebra C(l,3) defined by representations of the quantum group GLq (2,C)qm ≠1, which are not reduced to representations of twoExpand
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Condensed Matter Theories
Topological Phase Transitions in Strongly Interacting Fermi Systems (J W Clark) Semifluxon Dynamics in Extended Josephson Junctions (H Farhan) On the Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene (S Fujita)Expand
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Cluster method density of states for noble metals and comparison with photoemission spectra
Abstract The multiple scattering cluster method is used to calculate densities of states for Cu, Ag, and Au. The results compare favorably with experimental photoemission spectra. The methodExpand
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Abstract The anisotropy within the a-b plane of YBa2Cu4O8 has been studied on single crystal platelets by optical and electron transport measurements. The optical investigations include polarizedExpand
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