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The Morality of Pluralism
Controversies about abortion, the environment, pornography, AIDS, and similar issues naturally lead to the question of whether there are any values that can be ultimately justified, or whether valuesExpand
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Moral wisdom and good lives
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The Informed Will and the Meaning of Life
Our lives have such meaning as we give to them. Meaning is made, not received or found; it is a human contribution to the world. This contribution is possible, because "the mind," as Hume observed,Expand
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The Enlargement of Life: Moral Imagination at Work
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Moral Sensitivity
Most contemporary philosophers accept Kant's view that the central question of morality is what ought I to do. This gives choice a pivotal role, for choice is what one faces when the question has toExpand
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The Reflexivity of Evil
The aim of this essay is to argue for the following claims: evil is prevalent; its prevalence is mainly the result of habitual and predictable patterns of action; these actions follow from the vicesExpand
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The Roots of Evil
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