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Effects of Invasive Alien Plants on Fire Regimes
A multiphase model describing the interrelationships between plant invaders and fire regimes is presented, a system for evaluating the relative effects of invaders and prioritizing them for control is provided, and ways to restore pre-invasion fire regime properties are recommended.
Fire intensity, fire severity and burn severity: a brief review and suggested usage
Several recent papers have suggested replacing the terminology of fire intensity and fire severity .P art of the problem with fire intensity is that it is sometimes used incorrectly to describe fire
Fire in Mediterranean Ecosystems: Ecology, Evolution and Management
Part I. Introduction: 1. Mediterranean-type climate (MTC) ecosystems and fire 2. Fire and the fire regime framework 3. Fire related plant traits Part II. Regional Patterns: 4. Fire in the
Fire in the Earth System
What is known and what is needed to develop a holistic understanding of the role of fire in the Earth system are reviewed, particularly in view of the pervasive impact of fires and the likelihood that they will become increasingly difficult to control as climate changes.
Seed germination and life history syndromes in the California chaparral
  • J. Keeley
  • Biology
    The Botanical Review
  • 1 April 1991
In the California chaparral there are two syndromes contrasted by the timing of seedling recruitment relative to wildfires, which includes species that are resilient to frequent fires, but require fire-free periods for recruiting new seedlings.
The human dimension of fire regimes on Earth
An historical framework is provided to promote understanding of the development and diversification of fire regimes, covering the pre-human period, human domestication of fire, and the subsequent transition from subsistence agriculture to industrial economies.
It is predicted that not all resprouters respond in a similar way everywhere because the associated plant traits of resprouter species vary in different places, and attempts to generalize predictions on the basis of the resprouting capacity may have limited power at a global scale.