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Roentgenographic features of mucoid impaction of the bronchi.
Previous articles on mucoid impaction of the bronchi have been reviewed and 6 new cases are reported, with special regard to the roentgenographic characteristics of this entity. Although onlyExpand
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Myelographic demonstration of brachial plexus root avulsion.
Introduction Stretch injuries to the brachial plexus with permanent residual disability are relatively infrequent. However, each case usually results in severe functional impairment for the patientExpand
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Post-pneumonic pulmonary pneumatoceles.
Pulmonary pneumatoceles are areas of regional obstructive emphysema usually developing as a complication of staphylococcal pneumonia. They are thin-walled, air-containing, cyst-like structures whichExpand
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Duodenal obstruction due to compression by superior mesenteric root.
  • W. Tyson, J. Keegan
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
  • 30 November 1957
The causes and symptoms of duodenal obstruction by compression at the superior mesenteric root are illustrated by four case histories. In two the symptoms were completely relieved by side-to-sideExpand
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Large ovarian cyst in a newborn infant; successful removal.
Cysts of the ovaries are not common prior to puberty.1Schaefer et al. found only 6 cases of ovarian tumors in children in a series of more than 10,000 gynecological admissions to Queens GeneralExpand
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Myelographic demonstration of brachial plexus root avulsion.
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Acidic Growth Inhibitors From Peach Buds
Plant growth inhibitors identified in acidic extracts of flower buds from mature peach trees were p-coumaric acid, feruIic acid, an isomeric hydroxymethoxycinnamic acid, a dihydroxycinnamic acidExpand
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Infrapulmonary pleural effusion.
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