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Prospective Effects of Marital Satisfaction on Depressive Symptoms in Established Marriages: A Dyadic Model
Much evidence suggests that marital discord is related to depressive symptoms in married couples. In the present research, potential sex-related differences in the prospective effect of maritalExpand
Sexual Desire Discrepancies: Effects on Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction in Heterosexual Dating Couples
Sexual desire discrepancies and the associationsbetween desire discrepancies and relationship adjustment(i.e., sexual and relationship satisfaction) inheterosexual dating couples (N = 72) wereExpand
Perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and self-esteem: An interactive model of bulimic symptom development
Abstract The hypothesis that perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and self-esteem interact to predict bulimic symptom development was tested. This study replicates and extends previous findingsExpand
Bystander Education Training for Campus Sexual Assault Prevention: An Initial Meta-Analysis
The present meta-analysis evaluated the effectiveness of bystander education programs for preventing sexual assault in college communities. Undergraduates trained in bystander education for sexualExpand
Depression and Excessive Reassurance-Seeking
This article describes a program of research on excessive reassurance-seeking and its relation to depression. Relevant theory, central predictions, and empirical work are summarized, and the researchExpand
Are There Gender Differences in Sustaining Dating Violence? An Examination of Frequency, Severity, and Relationship Satisfaction
One topic of debate within the field of intimate violence involves the equivalence, or lack thereof, of male-perpetrated versus female-perpetrated violence. To inform this debate, we examinedExpand
Psychological Abuse and Depressive Symptoms in Dating Women: Do Different Types of Abuse Have Differential Effects?
The purpose of the current study was to examine potential differential effects of two forms of psychological abuse, emotional/verbal and dominance/isolation, on women's depressive symptoms. It wasExpand
Social Support in Marriage
Social support is a widely used construct in the psychological literature. Although multiple conceptions of the construct have been offered, an issue common to many analyses is the extent to whichExpand
Contagion of Depressive Symptoms and Mood: Meta-analytic Review and Explanations From Cognitive, Behavioral, and Interpersonal Viewpoints
A meta-analysis of 40 findings from 36 studies (N= 4,952) provided substantial overall support for the proposition that depressive symptoms and mood are contagious. Contagion appeared most pronouncedExpand
Sexual Revictimization During Women’s First Year of College: Self-Blame and Sexual Refusal Assertiveness as Possible Mechanisms
Although sexual victimization during adolescence increases risk for later revictimization, mechanisms for increased risk among new college students have not been identified. Female undergraduates (NExpand