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[Incidence of lipoma of the parotid gland].
The parotis lipomas represent forms of interest and difficulties because of their rarity and preoperative differential diagnostics, and if performed duely radically, excludes the possibility of a second attack. Expand
Several years of observation with Mydeton in the treatment of lockjaw.
It has been concluded that Mydeton is of high therapeutic value in relieving muscular spasms of the maxillofocal region of different etiology and it may be used without risk in both hospitalized cases and outpatients. Expand
[Cat scratch disease].
[A case of maxillofacial gunshot wound complicated by acute hemorrhage from the internal carotid artery and the internal jugular vein].
A complicated case of a big vein injury associated with a maxillofacial gun-shot injury and its successful treatment and the significance of team work is emphasized. Expand
[Experience with the use of mini-plates in the surgical management of orbital frame fractures].
C Champy plate osteosynthesis was performed in 11 cases for the surgical treatment of orbital frame fractures, which had considerably dislocation. Expand
[Importance of the styloid process syndrome in the differential diagnosis of facial pain].
With the surgical treatment, after having the diagnosis, a well treated illness can be separated from the group of those illnesses in which the main problem is facial pain. Expand
[Experience with the Champy plate in the management of fractures of the articular process].
Authors describe their experience with the use of Champy plate, gained in their 19 cases, in the treatment of the fractures of the articular process. They had good results, and find the use of thisExpand
[A rare case of hyperodontia associated with retention of geminated teeth].
The successful removal and identification of the surplus small molar dens geminatum after clinical and x-ray examinations are reported on. Expand
Calypsol anaesthesia in oral surgical practice.