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Orientation, Migration Routes and Flight Behaviour of Knots, Turnstones and Brant Geese Departing from Iceland in Spring
Flight behaviour and orientation of 303 flocks (31,200 individuals) of migrating Knots and Turnstones and 77 flocks (3200 individuals) of Brant Geese departing from Iceland towards Nearctic breeding
A Guide to Galago Diversity: Getting a Grip on How Best to Chew Gum
The results indicate that variance in pad size reflects species boundaries and shows adaptations to allow access to large-diameter substrates.
Species Boundaries within Morphologically Cryptic Galagos: Evidence from Acoustic and Genetic Data
Investigating species boundaries between two putative highly cryptic species of Eastern dwarf galagos concludes that P. cocos and P. zanzibaricus represent two valid cryptic species that probably underwent speciation in the Late Pliocene while fragmented in isolated populations in the eastern forests.
A survey of nocturnal primates in Malawi - August 2009
We conducted 75 hours of nocturnal surveys in the rainforests of Malawi from 30 July to 23 August 2009 in three regions: Mount Mulanje, in the south; Nkhata Bay, on the lake-shore; and in the Misuku