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A simple method for detection of viral satellite RNAs in small plant tissue samples.
  • J. White, J. Kaper
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of virological methods
  • 1 February 1989
A procedure is described that allows extraction and can estimate the total amount of single-stranded and double-stranded viral satellite RNAs and viral RNA present in a minimal amount of infectedExpand
Cucumber Mosaic Virus Associated RNA 5: Causal Agent for Tomato Necrosis
A small replicating RNA, encapsidated with and dependent on, but not part of the viral genome, modifies disease expression depending on the host. In tomato plants, it causes a lethal necrotic diseaseExpand
The chemical basis of virus structure, dissociation and reassembly.
  • J. Kaper
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Frontiers of biology
  • 1975
This book is referred to read because it is an inspiring book to give you more chance to get experiences and also thoughts and this chemical basis of virus structure dissociation and reassembly. Expand
Isolation of viral double-stranded RNAs using a LiCl fractionation procedure.
The virus-specific ds-RNAs obtained have been identified by their resistance to ribonuclease and comparison of their electrophoretic mobilities with those of the corresponding single-stranded RNA (ss-RNA) in polyacrylamide gels. Expand
Cucumber mosaic virus-associating RNA 5. I. Role of host plant and helper strain in determining amount of associated RNA 5 with virions.
With CMV the amount of RNA 5 associated with virions seems to be a characteristic determined by the interaction of the host plant with the helper virus and not with the RNA 5, which could be an important factor in the genesis of helper-dependent replicating RNAs. Expand
Nucleotide sequence of the satellite of peanut stunt virus reveals structural homologies with viroids and certain nuclear and mitochondrial introns.
The presence within PARNA 5 of conserved intron sequences essential to proper RNA processing suggests a possible origin from plant introns and/or involvement of such sequences in the processing ofPARNA 5 multimers to monomers at some stage of replication. Expand
Nucleotide sequence predicts circularity and self-cleavage of 300-ribonucleotide satellite of arabis mosaic virus.
The nucleotide sequence of the satellite of arabis mosaic virus was determined using the satellite RNA encapsidated in virions and showed extensive homology with that of the 359-nucleotide satellite RNA of tobacco ringspot virus, which occurs both in a linear and a circular form. Expand
Studies on the stabilizing forces of simple RNA viruses. I. Selective interference with protein-RNA interactions in turnip yellow mosaic virus.
  • J. Kaper
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of molecular biology
  • 14 March 1971
It was concluded that in turnip yellow mosaic virus the integrity of the protein-RNA linkages is dependent upon the pH, and that these linkages are broken between pH 6 and 7. Expand