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The antiparasitic drug niclosamide inhibits dengue virus infection by interfering with endosomal acidification independent of mTOR
It is demonstrated that niclosamide diminishes viral infection by hindering endosomal acidification and reducing viral dsRNA replication in DENV-infected ICR suckling mice. Expand
Anti‐TNF‐α restricts dengue virus‐induced neuropathy
An immunopathogenesis of TNF‐α for mediating DENV‐induced encephalitis‐associated neurotoxicity is demonstrated and it is shown that targeting TNF-α can be used as a strategy against dengueEncephalitis. Expand
A Murine Model of Dengue Virus-induced Acute Viral Encephalitis-like Disease.
A protocol to use an immunocompetent outbred ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) mouse for investigating the induction of central nervous system (CNS) infection with DENV, followed by the progression of acute viral encephalitis-like disease is presented. Expand