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Endocrine-disrupting organotin compounds are potent inducers of adipogenesis in vertebrates.
TBT represents, to the authors' knowledge, the first example of an environmental endocrine disrupter that promotes adipogenesis through RXR and PPARgamma activation and may act as a chemical stressor for obesity and related disorders.
Induction of mesothelioma in p53+/- mouse by intraperitoneal application of multi-wall carbon nanotube.
It is reported that MWCNT induces mesothelioma along with a positive control, crocidolite (blue asbestos), when administered intraperitoneally to p53 heterozygous mice that have been reported to be sensitive to asbestos.
Estrogen prevents bone loss via estrogen receptor alpha and induction of Fas ligand in osteoclasts.
A model in which estrogen regulates the life span of mature osteoclasts via the induction of the Fas/FasL system is supported, thereby providing an explanation for the osteoprotective function of estrogen as well as SERMs.
GlcNAcylation of histone H2B facilitates its monoubiquitination
H2B S112 GlcNAcylation is a histone modification that facilitates H2BK120 monoubiquitination, presumably for transcriptional activation, according to a genome-wide analysis.
Why Public Health Agencies Cannot Depend on Good Laboratory Practices as a Criterion for Selecting Data: The Case of Bisphenol A
Differences between industry-funded GLP studies of BPA conducted by commercial laboratories for regulatory purposes and non-GLP studies conducted in academic and government laboratories are reviewed to identify hazards and molecular mechanisms mediating adverse effects.
Premature ovarian failure in androgen receptor-deficient mice.
It is suggested that AR function is required for normal female reproduction, particularly folliculogenesis, and that AR is a potential therapeutic target in POF syndrome.
The OECD program to validate the rat uterotrophic bioassay to screen compounds for in vivo estrogenic responses: phase 1.
Both models appear robust, reproducible, and transferable across laboratories for high-potency estrogen agonists such as EE, and the Hill equation appears to model the dose response satisfactorily and indicates general agreement based on calculated effective dose within and among laboratories.