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Emergence of new types of Theileria orientalis in Australian cattle and possible cause of theileriosis outbreaks
Nucleotide sequencing of SSU rRNA and MPSP genes revealed the presence of four Theileria genotypes, with the occurrence of ikeda and type 4 (type C) previously not reported to occur and silent mutation is thought to have enhanced parasite evasion of the host immune response causing the outbreak. Expand
Molecular epidemiology of camel trypanosomiasis based on ITS1 rDNA and RoTat 1.2 VSG gene in the Sudan
It is concluded that camel trypanosomiasis in Sudan is apparently caused by a single parasite species T. evansi and there were no other typanosomes species detected. Expand
Nucleotide sequence heterogeneity in the small subunit ribosomal RNA gene within Theileria equi from horses in Sudan
Alignments demonstrated extensive sequence variation in the hypervariable region of the 18S rRNA gene and many SNPs within the Sudanese T. equi isolates. Expand
Current status of equine piroplasmosis in the Sudan.
Capillary electrophoresis method was found to be powerful in detecting mixed infections in artificially mixed controls samples and would contribute to the development of a national control strategy of EP in the Sudan. Expand
An outbreak of bovine trypanosomiasis in the Blue Nile State, Sudan
The study concluded that there are at least four species of trypanosomes that caused this outbreak in the Blue Nile State and the conventional parasitological examinations were not reliable in identifying all the species of Trypanosoma involved in the outbreak. Expand
Rapid discrimination and quantification of Theileria orientalis types using ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers.
ITS1 and ITS2 genotyping was found to be more sensitive method with high specificity in population analysis and can be deployed in molecular epidemiology studies. Expand
Hepato-protective potential of methanol extract of leaf of Ziziphus mucronata (ZMLM) against dimethoate toxicity: biochemical and histological approach.
Ziziphus mucronata methanol leaf extract possesses a preventive effect against dimethoate induced oxidative stress as observed in male albino Sprague Dawley rats. Expand
Antipyretic Properties of Methanol Stem Bark Extracts of Acacia hockii De Wild and Kigelia africana (Lam) Benth in Wistar Rats
Synthetic antipyretic drugs are not readily accessible and have adverse side effects. Herbal medicines possess bioactive compounds that are safer and efficient in the management of various diseasesExpand
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Theileria parasites cause a benign infection of cattle in parts of Australia where they are endemic, but have, in recent years, been suspected of being responsible for a number of outbreaks ofExpand
Genetic relationships of indigenous goats reared by pastoralists in Kenya based on mitochondria D-loop sequence
Genetic diversity showed weak positive in Tajima D test for Kenyan indigenous goats, while the Iberian/Mediterranean/Middle-East dataset had a more pronounced negative value indicating that the two populations are under different selection pressure. Expand