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Other Malays: Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Modern Malay World
The narrative of Malay identity devised by Malay nationals, writers and filmmakers in the late colonial period associated Malayness with the village or kampung, envisaged as static, ethnicallyExpand
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Modernity and exclusion
Modernity and Its Others Universal Ideals and Particular Outcomes Naturalizing Difference Civilization and the Primitive in the British Imagination American Modern Aliens, Despots and the RepublicExpand
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Constituting the Minangkabau: Peasants, Culture, and Modernity in Colonial Indonesia
Contents: The Interpretation of Minangkabau Culture: Traditions of Modernity of Modernist Traditions? - Peasantization and Class Formation in Minangkabau Villages - The Constitution of Minangkabau inExpand
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Leaves of the Same Tree : Trade and Ethnicity in the Straits of Melaka
The Leaves of the Same Tree takes its title from a common Malay saying describing the interrelatedness of the peoples in the Malay world. However, this is more than a history book about humanExpand
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Culture, Multiculture, Postculture
  • J. Kahn
  • Sociology, Economics
  • 29 December 1995
Culture, Hegemony, Representation A Postcolonial Empire? Culture, Difference and the Expressivist Critique of Modernism Peasants, Difference and the Commodity's Malcontents Alien Worlds RepresentingExpand
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The Making and Unmaking (?) of a Malay Race
My dad is a racist; so is my mom. Similarly racists are my brother, sister, and relatives. All the friends I have, I had, are/were racists too. Well, thanks to all these people, I am, too, a racist.Expand
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Islam, Modernity and the Popular in Malaysia
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Anthropology as Cosmopolitan Practice?
This article advances the case for both an anthropology of cosmopolitanism and, at the same time, a cosmopolitan anthropology. Illustrated by means of a case study of apparently traditionalExpand
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Culture: Demise or Resurrection?
Genealogie et evolution du concept de culture en anthropologie, de son insertion dans le cadre de l'anthropologie reflexive, et des proximites conceptuelles historiquement reperables entre culture etExpand
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