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Ecology and Management of Breeding Waterfowl
A Comparison of Activity Traps and Sweep Nets for Sampling Nektonic Invertebrates in Wetlands
Activity traps were compared to sweep nets for sampling nektonic invertebrates in shallow freshwater wetlands using Kendall Rank Correlation. There was a significant correlation for totalExpand
Seed banks and their role during drawdown of a north American marsh
On compare la taille et la composition specifique des reserves de graines de six types de vegetation placees dans des conditions standards d'humidite du sol et de salinite. Discussion sur le role desExpand
Structure of the New England Herring Gull Population
Measurements of the rates of population increase, reproduction, and mortality together with an observed age ratio, were used to analyze the population of the Herring Gull in New England. Data fromExpand
Seasonal comparisons of weight loss for two types of Typha glauca Godr. leaf litter
Abstract Samples of living (2.8% N, 0.3% P) and naturally senesced (0.6% N, 0.05% P) leaves of cattail (Typha glauca Godr.) were collected from a shallowly flooded stand during July 1979 and FebruaryExpand
Evaluation of translocation criteria: case study with trumpeter swans (Cygnus buccinator)
Abstract Translocations are a common conservation technique; however, the feasibility and success of translocations are evaluated rarely. We translocated 57 trumpeter swans ( Cygnus buccinator) fromExpand
Effects of Flooding on Dissolved and Suspended Nutrients in Small Diked Marshes
Flooding ten 5- to 7-ha diked marshes in the Delta Marsh, Manitoba, to about 1 m above natural marsh levels did not increase dissolved or suspended nutrient concentrations in the surface water.Expand
Effects of Prolonged Flooding on Nektonic Invertebrates in Small Diked Marshes
This study examined the response by nektonic invertebrates to prolonged flooding of a series of experimental marshes in the Delta Marsh in south-central Manitoba. Prior to flooding, nektonicExpand