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Multicentre study with viloxazine (Vivalan) in depressed patients.
Effect of piracetam on extrapyramidal side effects induced by neuroleptic drugs.
In a double-blind crossover placebo controlled trial the effectivity of piracetam in neuroleptic-induced extrapyramidal side effects was confirmed and further trials with piracetAM in neurologic complications during neuroleptics treatment, tardive dyskinesia included, are suggested. Expand
Biological Correlates of Piracetam Clinical Effects in Psychotic Patients
In schizophrenic patients an improvement was observed in those cases who had improved biochemically, and in drug-resistant depressions there was a rapid and significant clinical improvement after piracetam co-administration, and this went in step with a significant rise in A TP levels. Expand
A new device for measuring spontaneous motor activity — Effects of lysergic acid diethylamide in rats
The horizontal component of SMA was found to be more sensitive to the stimulatory effect while inhibition was more marked in the vertical activity, and the biphasic effect of LSD on both parameters was observed. Expand
Piracetam in Alcoholic Psychoses: A Double-Blind, Crossover, Placebo Controlled Study
The aim was to confirm the therapeutic properties of piracetam in alcoholic psychoses mentioned in the open trials by means of a double-blind, crossover study using placebo as the control agent. Expand
JB 336 effect on the central adrenergic system.