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Operational Indicators for Measuring Agricultural Sustainability in Developing Countries
The selection of indicators representing each aspect of sustainability should be prioritized according to spatial and temporal characteristics under consideration, and a set of operational indicators for measuring agricultural sustainability in developing countries is proposed.
Household response to cyclone and induced surge in coastal Bangladesh: coping strategies and explanatory variables
The purpose of this research is to explore indigenous coping strategies and identify underlying demographic, socio-economic and other relevant variables that influence the adoption of coping
Flood proneness and coping strategies: the experiences of two villages in Bangladesh.
It is reported that people in an area with low flooding and with better socioeconomic circumstances are more likely to cope with impacts compared to people in areas with high and sudden flooding.
Earthquake hazards and community resilience in Baluchistan
Resilience is widely used from a variety of research perspectives; however, community resilience in particular is applied to a number of natural hazards and disasters-related studies, programs, and
Spatio-temporal characteristics of precipitation and drought in Balochistan Province, Pakistan
In this paper, spatial and temporal variability of drought in Balochistan has been investigated using 36 years (1975–2010) of monthly precipitation data recorded at 23 rain gauge stations in the
An Analysis of the Causes of Non-Responses to Cyclone Warnings and the Use of Indigenous Knowledge for Cyclone Forecasting in Bangladesh
This paper explores the causes of non-response to cyclone warning and unwillingness to seek refuge and identifies natural methods for predicting cyclones and storm surge through local knowledge,
Rural poverty alleviation through NGO interventions in Bangladesh: how far is the achievement?
Purpose - This paper seeks to analyse the current poverty situation and poverty alleviation efforts of the NGOs in Bangladesh with emphasis on the impacts of two NGO programmes in two villages of