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Ligand induced circular dichroism and circularly polarized luminescence in CdSe quantum dots.
Chiral thiol capping ligands L- and D-cysteines induced modular chiroptical properties in achiral cadmium selenide quantum dots (CdSe QDs). Cys-CdSe prepared from achiral oleic acid capped CdSe byExpand
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The crucial role of mechanical heterogeneity in regulating follicle development and ovulation with engineered ovarian microtissue.
Contemporary systems for in vitro culture of ovarian follicles do not recapitulate the mechanical heterogeneity in mammalian ovary. Here we report microfluidic generation of biomimetic ovarianExpand
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A Novel Core-Shell Microcapsule for Encapsulation and 3D Culture of Embryonic Stem Cells.
In this study, we report the preparation of a novel microcapsule of ~ 100 μm with a liquid (as compared to solid-like alginate hydrogel) core and an alginate-chitosan-alginate (ACA) shell forExpand
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One-step microfluidic generation of pre-hatching embryo-like core-shell microcapsules for miniaturized 3D culture of pluripotent stem cells.
A novel core-shell microcapsule system is developed in this study to mimic the miniaturized 3D architecture of pre-hatching embryos with an aqueous liquid-like core of embryonic cells and aExpand
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The crucial role of zona pellucida in cryopreservation of oocytes by vitrification.
Mammalian oocytes have a proteinaceous hydrogel-like outer shell known as the zona pellucida (ZP) that semi-encloses their plasma membrane and cytoplasm. In this study, we cryopreserved mouse oocytesExpand
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A Biomimetic Core-Shell Platform for Miniaturized 3D Cell and Tissue Engineering.
This article describes a biomimetic core-shell platform with a collagen-based core and an alginate hydrogel shell for cell and tissue culture. With this system, chemical and physical properties ofExpand
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Improved low-CPA vitrification of mouse oocytes using quartz microcapillary.
Cryopreservation by low-cryoprotectant (CPA) vitrification has the potential to combine all the advantages of the conventional high-CPA vitrification and slow-freezing approaches while avoiding theirExpand
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Chiroptical properties of anionic and cationic porphyrins and metalloporphyrins in complex with left-handed Z-DNA and right-handed B-DNA.
We report the chiroptical signature and binding interactions of cationic (meso-tetrakis(4-N-methylptridyl)porphyrin, 2HT4) and anionic (meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin, 2HTPPS) porphyrinsExpand
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A PCT-based, pyrene-armed calix[4]crown fluoroionophore.
A photoinduced charge transfer (PCT)-based 1,3-alternate calix[4]crown fluoroionophore containing two cation recognition sites, a crown ether ring and two facing pyreneamide groups, is synthesized.Expand
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Highly sensitive and selective spectroscopic detection of mercury(II) in water by using pyridylporphyrin-DNA conjugates.
Single-labeled pyridylporphyrin-DNA conjugates are reported as highly sensitive and selective spectroscopic sensors for mercury(II) ions in water. The effects of chemical structure (thymine versusExpand
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