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Comprehensive characterization of some silica-based stationary phase for high-performance liquid chromatography
Abstract Comprehensive studies have been carried out on the effect of the silica support in preparing optimized bond-phase packing for high-performance liquid chromatography. Different covalentlyExpand
Effect of column degradation on the reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of peptides and proteins.
The stability of some columns commonly used for proteins and peptides has been examined, and it has been shown by both chromatographic and elemental analysis that degradation occurs very rapidly with fresh, "totally covered" column materials. Expand
Syntheses of stationary phases for reversed-phase LC using silanization and polymer coating
SummaryVarious methods and reagents for silanization of silicas originating from different manufacturers were investigated in comparison to the method published by the authors which makes use of anExpand
Stationary phases for reversed-phase liquid chromatography : Coating of silica by polymers of various polarities
Abstract The possibilities of syntheses and the chromatographic properties of reversed-phase materials achieved by polymer coating have been investigated. Special alkylpolysiloxanes, which were to beExpand
Polymer-coated cation-exchange stationary phases on the basis of silica
SummaryThe procedure of polymer coating of preferably inorganic porous particle support materials for LC has been applied to the preparation of a new type of weak cationexchange phases. A specialExpand
Characterization of some commercial poly (styrene-divinylbenzene) copolymers for reversed-phase HPLC1
SummaryThe properties of the poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) copolymers PRP-1 and PLRP-S have been studied by infrared spectroscopy and chromatographic techniques. The following results wereExpand
New polymer coated anion-exchange HPLC-phases: Immobilization of poly (2-hydroxy, 3N-ethylenediamino) butadiene on silica and alumina
SummaryPHEB=POLY(2-hydroxy, 3N-ethylenediamino)butadiene has been synthesized. This unsaturated pre-polymer can be immobilized on different, preferably inorganic supports of suitable porosity such asExpand
Immobilization of stationary liquids in reversed- and normal-phase liquid chromatography
Abstract New types of silanization reagents for small-particle silica packing materials and a solventless vacuum technique for carrying out the reaction were tested with the aim of convenientlyExpand
Immobilization of stationary liquids on silica particles by γ-radiation
SummaryContinuing our work on new silanization reagents for producing chemically-modified small-particle, silica support material exhibiting improved chromatographic performance and especially goodExpand
Instrumentation for SFC systems: Different sampling and restriction designs
Different designs of injection and restriction devices for capillary supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) have been investigated with respect to their practical applicability and usefulness forExpand