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Towards an application lifecycle management framework
This thesis presents an effort towards an ALM framework that can be used to document and analyse an organisation’s ALM solution and find improvement ideas for it. Expand
Global Software Development Patterns for Project Management
The goal of this research is to present current best practices for GSD in the form of process patterns for project management, evaluated by using a scenario-based assessment method. Expand
A Review of Small and Large Post-Mortem Analysis Methods
Post-mortem analysis (PMA) is an empirical study method in software engineering. It is an important, but often forgotten, way of gathering empirical knowledge. PMA is ideally performed either soonExpand
Applying Application Lifecycle Management for the Development of Complex Systems: Experiences from the Automation Industry
The history and experiences of ALM improvement are concluded and the reasons why two teams ended up with different ALM solutions are discussed. Expand
Impact of Application Lifecycle Management - A Case Study
A first version of an ALM framework is produced that can be used to support practical ALM improvement efforts and shows that lifecycle activity should manage artefacts produced in different stages in a project lifecycle and keep all activities in synchronised. Expand
Challenges and industry practices for managing software variability in small and medium sized enterprises
The study indicates that increased product complexity can lead growing SMEs to the time-consuming decision-making and introduces the challenges and used practices related to variability, which deepens understanding of this highly relevant but relatively under-researched phenomenon. Expand
Requirements engineering Inventory of technologies
The main processes of RE include: System requirements development, requirements allocation and flowdown, software requirements analysis and specification and continuous processes including requirements documentation, requirements validation and verification and requirements change management. Expand
Improving requirements management in extreme programming with tool support - an improvement attempt that failed
The principal results show that the Storymanager tool was found to be too difficult to use and that it failed to provide as powerful a visual view as the paper-pen board method. Expand
The Upgrade Planning Process in a Global Operational Environment
The importance of a systematic upgrade planning service in a distributed operational environment is discussed and the process description and related tools that have been composed based on an industrial case study in an automation company are presented. Expand