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Biochemical changes in rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli, exposed to dispersed crude oil.
This paper describes the response of the ovoviviparous rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli, to hydrocarbons in the water-accommodated fraction (WAF) of crude oil, in the presence or absence of oilExpand
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Scytophycins from a blue-green alga belonging to the nostocaceae
Abstract Scytophycin B, 6-hydroxyscytophycin B, scytophycin E, and 6-hydroxy-7-O-methylscytophycin E account for the cytotoxicity and fungicidal activity of the terrestrial blue-greenExpand
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HPLC Separation of Isoquinoline Alkaloids for Quality Control of Corydalis species
A simple and rapid analytical method was developed for the determination of eight isoquinoline alkaloids in Corydalis species. Eight isoquinoline alkaloids, including 2 aporphine alkaloidsExpand
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Marine-Derived Aspergillus Species as a Source of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites
This report reviews biologically active secondary metabolites from marine-derived members of the fungal genus Aspergillus. Pharmacological activities and biological roles of the secondary metabolitesExpand
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Abstract Seven steroids including five new compounds ( 1–5 ) have been isolated from the soft coral Alcyonium gracillimum . Compound 1 is a spiroketal of the furospirostan class while compounds 2 andExpand
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First detection and seasonal variation of lipophilic toxins okadaic acid, dinophysistoxin-1, and yessotoxin in Korean gastropods.
  • K. Lee, J. Mok, +4 authors J. Kim
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of food protection
  • 1 November 2012
Okadaic acid (OA), dinophysistoxin-1 (DTX1), pectenotoxin-2, and yessotoxin (YTX) are classes of lipophilic toxins found in marine animals. OA and DTX1 accumulation causes diarrhetic shellfishExpand
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Microbial transformation of the bioactive sesquiterpene, cyclonerodiol, by the ascomycete Penicillium sp. and the actinomycete Streptomyces sp.
Abstract Biological transformation of the bioactive sesquiterpene, cyclonerodiol ( 1 ), isolated from marine-derived fungus Myrothecium sp., was studied. Preparative-scale fermentation of 1 withExpand
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A New Glycerol Ether from a Marine Sponge Stelletta Species
A new glycerol ether has been isolated from a marine sponge Stelletta sp. by bioactivity-guided fractionation. The structure was established on the basis of NMR and MS analyses. The compound wasExpand
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