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Learning acids and bases through inquiry based website
The purpose of this project is to develop a web based learning material on Chemistry Form 4 based on Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Schools (KBSM) syllabuses and it is hoped that this website will become as a reference for students to learn this subtopic and to overcome their misconception about Acids and Bases. Expand
Teachers' readiness in implementing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education from the cognitive, affective and behavioural aspects
This finding shows that, although teachers' cognitive readiness level is high, from the behavioural and affective aspects, teachers are found to be less prepared to implement STEM Education. Expand
Evaluating students pattern of interaction in online courses
The primary focus in the research of online learning is interaction, which is central to an educational experience (Garrison & Cleveland-Innes, 2005). Although interaction alone does not representExpand
Assisting learning using computers through the application of animated pedagogical agents (APA) or intelligent agents
This paper intends to emphasise on the definition, the development overview of APA, its application in learning and the question of does it improve learning, which is Computer Based Learning. Expand
Conflict of medical science: between the procedure and illuminati agenda
The world of medicine has grown rapidly in line with the development of science and technology today. As a result of the integration of medical science with this science and technology, humans haveExpand
Development and assessment of the effectiveness of a courseware entitled Solat Jamaâ Dan Qasarâ Islamic Education For Secondary Two KBSM
Today, the influence of the rapidly growth of Information Technology has widely affected the field of education. The technology has enabled learning process through computers which is known asExpand
The Implementation of the 21st Century Pedagogical Elements in Jawi Teaching: A Review Study
The skills to implement the 21st century pedagogy in teaching become a necessity for Islamic Studies teachers to produce effective Jawi teaching. This study aims to analyse the pedagogical elementsExpand
The Roles of Non-State Actors in Eradicating Poverty in Malaysia
The economic crisis further affects those with low incomes. While the most affected are the indigents in rural areas, the poor in urban areas are also not spared. Those in the urban area face aExpand