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ABSTRACT Eleven species of mosquito larvae were collected in 568 collection visits to 209 abandoned tire pile sites in 33 West Virginia counties from April through October of 2003. Ochlerotatus j.Expand
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Larval mosquitoes in abandoned tire pile sites from West Virginia.
  • J. Joy
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Mosquito Control…
  • 1 March 2004
Larvae of 13 mosquito species were collected from abandoned tire piles at peridomestic and nonperidomestic sites in 3 south-central West Virginia counties from May through September 2002.Expand
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Carrion fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) larval colonization of sunlit and shaded pig carcasses in West Virginia, USA.
Two pig (Sus scrofta L.) carcasses were placed in sunlit and shaded plots in September 2003, and again in May 2004. Mean ambient temperatures between sunlit and shaded plots were not significantlyExpand
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Prevalence of dog intestinal nematode parasites in south central West Virginia, USA.
Coprological examination was used to determine prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthes in a sample of 231 dogs (117 females and 114 males) during the summer of 2009 at a veterinary clinic in southExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) Inhabiting Waste Tires in Nicholas County, West Virginia
Abstract Larvae of 12 mosquito species were collected from abandoned tire piles at peridomestic and forested sites in Nicholas County, WV, from March through November of 2001. No larvae were found inExpand
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Larval Fly Activity on Sunlit Versus Shaded Raccoon Carrion in Southwestern West Virginia with Special Reference to the Black Blowfly (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
Abstract Larvae of Phormia regina (Meigen), Phaenicia sp., and Sarcophaga sp. were identified from raccoon carcasses placed in sunlit and shaded areas at a southwestern West Virginia site in May ofExpand
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A new species of Kudoa (Myxosporidea: Chloromyxidae) from the spot, Leiostomus xanthurus Lacépède, in Clear Lake, Texas.
  • J. Joy
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of protozoology
  • 1 May 1972
SYNOPSIS. Kudoa branchiata sp. n. (Myxosporidea: Chloromyxidae) is described from the gills of the marine sciaenid fish, Leiostomus xanthurus Lacepede, from Clear Lake, Texas. Twelve of the 429 hostsExpand
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Habitat Use by Larval Mosquitoes in West Virginia
Abstract Surveys for larval mosquitoes were conducted in West Virginia from 1992 through 1997. A total of 26 species were identified with the frequency of occurrence for each species determined byExpand
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