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Comparison of oxygen isotope records from the GISP2 and GRIP Greenland ice cores
RECENT results1,2 from the Greenland Ice-core Project (GRIP) Summit ice core suggest that the climate in Greenland has been remarkably stable during the Holocene, but was extremely unstable for theExpand
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High-resolution carbon dioxide concentration record 650,000–800,000 years before present
Changes in past atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations can be determined by measuring the composition of air trapped in ice cores from Antarctica. So far, the Antarctic Vostok and EPICA Dome C iceExpand
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Solar irradiance during the last 1200 years based on cosmogenic nuclides
Based on a quantitative study of the common fluctuations of 14C and 10Be production rates, we have derived a time series of the solar magnetic variability over the last 1200 years. This record isExpand
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Asynchrony of Antarctic and Greenland climate change during the last glacial period
A central issue in climate dynamics is to understand how the Northern and Southern hemispheres are coupled during climate events. The strongest of the fast temperature changes observed in GreenlandExpand
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Deuterium and oxygen 18 in precipitation: Modeling of the isotopic effects during snow formation
The classical Rayleigh model assuming isotopic equilibrium fails to explain the deuterium and oxygen 18 contents of polar snow. This model leads to too high temperature-isotope gradients (both for δDExpand
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Precise dating of Dansgaard–Oeschger climate oscillations in western Europe from stalagmite data
The signature of Dansgaard–Oeschger events—millennial-scale abrupt climate oscillations during the last glacial period—is well established in ice cores and marine records. But the effects of suchExpand
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Holocene Climate Variability in Antarctica Based on 11 Ice-Core Isotopic Records
A comparison is made of the Holocene records obtained from water isotope measurements along 11 ice cores from coastal and central sites in east Antarctica (Vostok, Dome B, Plateau Remote,Expand
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Isotope calibrated Greenland temperature record over Marine Isotope Stage 3 and its relation to CH4
Large temperature variations on millennial time scales in Greenland characterised the last ice age. Abrupt warmings, known as Dansgaard–Oeschger (DO) events, can be traced in the δ18Oice record ofExpand
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Vostok ice core: a continuous isotope temperature record over the last climatic cycle (160,000 years)
A continuous deuterium profile along the 160,000-year Vostok ice core (Antarctica) is interpreted in terms of atmospheric temperature changes. This climatic record is the awaited terrestrialExpand
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Tibetan Plateau summer monsoon northward extent revealed by measurements of water stable isotopes
A program of individual precipitation events and river water sampling and of water isotopic measurements (δD, δ18O) was carried out during summer 1996 along a northeast/southwest transect of theExpand
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