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Strain and temperature sensitivity of a single-mode polymer optical fiber.
The optical phase sensitivity of fiber based on poly(methyl methacrylate) under near-single-mode conditions at 632.8 nm wavelength is measured, consistent with the values expected on the basis of the bulk polymer properties.
Experimental measurement of group velocity dispersion in photonic crystal fibre
The authors report measurements of group velocity dispersion in photonic crystal fibre using low coherence techniques. The results confirm theoretical predictions that photonic crystal fibre, unlike
Dispersion of birefringence and differential group delay in polarization-maintaining fiber.
The technique is demonstrated to measure first-, second-, and third-order dispersion of the differential propagation constant, corresponding to differential group delay (DGD) and its dispersion to second order; measurements are immune to asymmetry in the interferomgram that is being processed.
Handbook of laser technology and applications
VOLUME 1: PRINCIPLES. Foreword. A Principles. A/1 Basic laser principles. A/2/1 Laser resonators. A/2/2 Waveguide resonators. A/3 Laser beam control. A/4 Nonlinear optics. A/5 Interferometry and
Optimum frequency selection in multifrequency interferometry.
An optimization criterion is introduced that leads to frequency selection formulations that are optimized with respect to the minimum number of frequencies required for achieving the maximum target dynamic range.
Fibre optics in palladium-based hydrogen-sensing
Hydrogen sensing at low concentrations in the order of tens to hundreds of parts per million (ppm) over extended periods requires highly sensitive and stable sensor technology. Palladium and its
Optical Fibre Sensors 18 (OFS-18)
The International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors (OFS-18) was held in October 2006 in Cancun, Mexico, under the general chairmanship of Dr Alexis Mendez (MCH Engineering LLC, USA) and Dr
Bend measurement using Bragg gratings in multicore fibre
The first measurements of curvature made using Bragg gratings written in separate cores of a multicore optical fibre are described. The gratings act as independent, but isothermal, strain gauges. The
Absolute fringe order calculation using optimised multi-frequency selection in full-field profilometry
Novel algorithms using multi-frequency analysis for full-field profilometry based on an optimisation criterion to utilise the minimum number of projected fringe frequencies to give the largest possible measurement dynamic range are presented.
Two-axis bend measurement using multicore optical fibre
Abstract We describe the first use of a four-core optical fibre to measure bending about two orthogonal axes simultaneously. Individual cores in the fibre act as independent strain gauges where local