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Embryonic stem cell lines derived from human blastocysts.
Human blastocyst-derived, pluripotent cell lines are described that have normal karyotypes, express high levels of telomerase activity, and express cell surface markers that characterize primateExpand
In vitro directed differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing cells
These methods were both highly efficient and very reproducible, resulting in a new strategy to obtain insulin-containing cells from stem cells with a near 100% success rate, while actively promoting the maturation of the exocytotic machinery. Expand
Human embryonic stem cell technology.
The origin and properties of human ES cells are described, they are distinguished from other pluripotent stem cell lines, and their implications for basic research and human medicine are discussed. Expand
Therapeutic potential of stem cells in diabetes.
Stem cells possess the ability to self-renew by symmetric divisions and, under certain circumstances, differentiate to a committed lineage by asymmetric cell divisions. Depending on the origin, stemExpand
[Production of insulin secreting cells from stem cells].