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Chronic fatigue syndrome: a working case definition.
The chronic Epstein-Barr virus syndrome is a poorly defined symptom complex characterized primarily by chronic or recurrent debilitating fatigue and various combinations of other symptoms, includingExpand
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Prevalence and incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome in Wichita, Kansas.
BACKGROUND Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating illness with no known cause or effective therapy. Population-based epidemiologic data on CFS prevalence and incidence are critical to putExpand
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A clinically empirical approach to its definition and study
BackgroundThe lack of standardized criteria for defining chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has constrained research. The objective of this study was to apply the 1994 CFS criteria by standardizedExpand
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Subunit structure of dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channels from skeletal muscle.
Purified dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channels from rabbit transverse-tubule membranes consist of three noncovalently associated classes of subunits: alpha (167 kDa), beta (54 kDa), and gammaExpand
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Prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome in metropolitan, urban, and rural Georgia
BackgroundChronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating illness with no known cause or effective therapy. Population-based epidemiologic data on CFS prevalence are critical to put CFS in aExpand
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Childhood trauma and risk for chronic fatigue syndrome: association with neuroendocrine dysfunction.
CONTEXT Childhood trauma appears to be a potent risk factor for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Evidence from developmental neuroscience suggests that early experience programs the development ofExpand
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Psychometric properties of the CDC Symptom Inventory for assessment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
ObjectivesValidated or standardized self-report questionnaires used in research studies and clinical evaluation of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) generally focus on the assessment of fatigue. ThereExpand
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A population-based study of the clinical course of chronic fatigue syndrome
BackgroundChronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) presents a challenge for patients, health care providers, and health insurance groups because of its incapacitating nature, unknown cause, and poorlyExpand
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T-cell lymphomas containing Epstein-Barr viral DNA in patients with chronic Epstein-Barr virus infections.
Fatal T-cell lymphomas developed in three patients with a chronic illness manifested by fever, pneumonia, dysgammaglobulinemia, hematologic abnormalities, and extraordinarily high titers of antibodyExpand
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Cytokine milieu of atopic dermatitis skin subverts the innate immune response to vaccinia virus.
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is associated with eczema vaccinatum (EV), a disseminated viral skin infection that follows inoculation with vaccinia virus (VV). This study examined whether AD skin canExpand
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