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Role of the complement in Leptospira virulence and infection
This discussion on how the hosts’ complement system is hijacked by Leptospira strains in human systems is expanded to better understand their mechanisms of infection and inflammation. Expand
Mirrors for Harnessing Solar Energy on the Moon
Space-based solar power has conventionally used solar panel arrays on satellites to harness light energy from the Sun, the authors of this communication suggest the innovative utilization of mirrorsExpand
Development of a biomechanical motion sensorimotor platform for enhanced locomotion under microgravity conditions
The incorporation of a prosthetic biomechanical sensorimotor system in loading suits to enhance locomotion under microgravity conditions are conceivable; however, demonstration of a proof of concept is required before implementation. Expand
Need for a systems integration methodology for effective implementation of simulation-based training
While SBT provides an operational framework within educational programs to reduce the risk of transmission, its real‐time efficacy can only be established using preparedness testing and comparative analysis with established in‐person training programs. Expand
Shedding light on maternal sunlight exposure during pregnancy and considerations for public health policy
Sunlight exposure during pregnancy was shown to promote skeletal growth and development, and reduce the incidence of multiple sclerosis, asthma, and pneumonia, and long-term health outcomes were shown to improve. Expand