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Drawing Lessons from the Boom of Temporary Jobs in Spain
We review some lessons from the Spanish experience of using temporary employment contracts for regular jobs since 1984. The focus is on the role of fixed-term contracts with low severance pay, whichExpand
Regional unemployment persistence (Spain, 1976-1994)
This paper examines the degree of persistence of regional relative unemployment. A theoretical model is built to explain the role of migration, labour-force participation, and real wage flexibilityExpand
On-the-Job Search in a Matching Model with Heterogeneous Jobs and Workers
This paper considers a matching model with heterogeneous jobs (unskilled and skilled) and workers (low- and high-educated) which allows for on-the-job search by mismatched workers. The latter areExpand
Employment Consequences of Restrictive Permanent Contracts: Evidence from Spanish Labour Market Reforms
Temporary employment contracts allowing unrestricted dismissals were introduced in Spain in 1984 and quickly came to account for most new jobs. As a result, temporary employment increased from aroundExpand
Reforming an insider-outsider labor market: the Spanish experience
This paper presents a case study on reforming a very dysfunctional labor market with a deep insider-outsider divide, namely the Spanish case. We show how a dual market, with permanent and temporaryExpand
The Effects of Employment Protection: Learning from Variable Enforcement
Employment protection legislations (EPL) are not enforced uniformly across the board. There are a number of exemptions to the coverage of these provisions: firms below a given threshold scale andExpand
The causes of Spanish unemployment: A structural VAR approach
Abstract In this paper, we review the main causes of Spanish unemployment and weight them by estimating a simple macroeconomic model using the structural VAR methodology. By using this methodology weExpand
The effect of immigration on the labor market performance of native-born workers: some evidence for Spain
This paper provides an approximation to the labor market effects of immigrants in Spain, a country where labor market institutions and immigration policy exhibit some peculiarities, during the secondExpand
Employment Fluctuations in a Dual Labor Market
In light of the huge cross-country differences in job losses during the recent crisis, we study how labor market duality - meaning the coexistence of "temporary" contracts with low firing costs andExpand