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Mixing and reaction kinetics in porous media: an experimental pore scale quantification.
We propose a new experimental set up to characterize mixing and reactive transport in porous media with a high spatial resolution at the pore scale. The analogous porous medium consists of aExpand
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A root zone modelling approach to estimating groundwater recharge from irrigated areas
summary In irrigated semi-arid and arid regions, accurate knowledge of groundwater recharge is important for the sustainable management of scarce water resources. The Campo de Cartagena area ofExpand
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Shale gas and non-aqueous fracturing fluids: Opportunities and challenges for supercritical CO2
Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations in the United States has led to a domestic energy boom. Currently, water is the only fracturing fluid regularly used in commercial shale oil and gasExpand
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Irrigation return flow and nitrate leaching under different crops and irrigation methods in Western Mediterranean weather conditions
Agriculture constitutes a major source of non-point pollution (e.g., nitrates) where overall water resources are affected, in particular, aquifers. Intensive agricultural practices take place inExpand
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Groundwater modelling with limited data sets: the Chari–Logone area (Lake Chad Basin, Chad)
One of the most important issues for water resource management is developing strategies for groundwater modelling that are adaptable to data scarcity. These strategies are particularly important inExpand
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Geo-material microfluidics at reservoir conditions for subsurface energy resource applications.
Microfluidic investigations of flow and transport in porous and fractured media have the potential to play a significant role in the development of future subsurface energy resource technologies.Expand
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Pore-scale mechanisms for the enhancement of mixing in unsaturated porous media and implications for chemical reactions: MIXING IN UNSATURATED POROUS MEDIA
Porous media in which different fluid phases coexist are common in nature (e.g., vadose zone and gas-oil reservoirs). In partially saturated porous media, the intricate spatial distributions of theExpand
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Global change and agricultural management options for groundwater sustainability
According to the general circulation models (CGMs) for future climate projections, a temperature increase, precipitation decrease, and an increase in the variability of extreme events may be expectedExpand
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Understanding hydraulic fracturing: a multi-scale problem
Despite the impact that hydraulic fracturing has had on the energy sector, the physical mechanisms that control its efficiency and environmental impacts remain poorly understood in part because theExpand
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Transport of nano- and microplastic through unsaturated porous media from sewage sludge application.
Wastewater treatment plants have been identified as important hubs for small particulate plastic, down to the nanometer scale, from urban areas to the environment. The reuse of sludge as fertilizerExpand
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