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Governance of complex environmental situations through social learning: a synthesis of SLIM's lessons for research, policy and practice
This synthesis of the SLIM project findings deals with the development and deployment of knowledge and research that is useful for actions that transform at socially and ecologically meaningfulExpand
The Ecological Knowledge System
Ecologically sound agriculture is not just a question of changing farm practices. It also requires a transformation of a coherent system of learning, its facilitation, institutions and policies. TheExpand
Social learning: an alternative policy instrument for managing in the context of Europe's water.
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs Social learning: an alternative policy instrument for managing in the context of Europe's water. Copyright andExpand
Adaptive management: potential and limitations for ecological governance
Adaptive management is reviewed as a paradigm that addresses a widely perceived need to give more prominence to ecological imperatives, at a time when economics provides the dominant model for the future. Expand
Sustainable Catchment Managing in a Climate Changing World: New Integrative Modalities for Connecting Policy Makers, Scientists and Other Stakeholders
This paper characterises some of the main issues confronting water-catchment managing in a climate-changing world and addresses wide-spread concerns about the lack of connectivity between science,Expand
Executive summary of the synthesis report
Authors: Tsedeke Abate (Ethiopia), Jean Albergel (France), Inge Armbrecht (Colombia), Patrick Avato (Germany/Italy), Satinder Bajaj (India), Nienke Beintema (the Netherlands), Rym ben Zid (Tunisia),Expand
The organisation of social learning in response to perceptions of crisis in the water sector of The Netherlands
This article deals with responses in the Netherlands to a widespread perception within the water sector of crisis, rooted in an appreciation that former ways of managing water could no longer dealExpand
Summary for Decision Makers of the Global Report
The objective of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) was to assess the impacts of past, present and future agricultural knowledge,Expand