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Optical-model potential in finite nuclei from Reid's hard core interaction
Starting from the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approximation and Reid's hard core nucleon-nucleon interaction, we calculate and parametrize the energy and the density dependence of the isoscalar,Expand
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Many Body Theory of Nuclear Matter
Abstract We combine the many-body theory and the low-density expansion developed by Brueckner, Bethe and others to investigate several properties of the ground state and of single-particle excitedExpand
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Optical-model potential in nuclear matter from Reid's hard core interaction
We describe a method for the calculation of the leading term of a previously proposed low-density expansion for the self-energy of nucleons in nuclear matter. We compute the single-particle complexExpand
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Microscopic calculation of the symmetry and Coulomb components of the complex optical-model potential
We first investigate how the mass operator for symmetric and uncharged nuclear matter is modified in the presence of a Coulomb field and of neutron excess. Detailed calculations are performed withExpand
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Mixing between simple and complicated states and identification of doorway states
Abstract The configuration mixing between a simple state and complicated states is first studied in a standard bound-state model. Various methods have been used in the past, which lead to differentExpand
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Truncation dependence of the 40Ca Hartree-Fock field in the continuum
Abstract Phase shifts for the n- 40 Ca elastic scattering are derived from a Hartree-Fock field obtained in a finite harmonic oscillator basis and truncation effects of this basis are shown to beExpand
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Binding energy of nuclear matter from a physical particle spectrum
Abstract We use a non-vanishing potential energy for the intermediate particle states in the Bethe-Brueckner expansion for the binding energy of nuclear matter. We identify this potential energy withExpand
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Truncation effects in elastic scattering by a nuclear hartree-fock field
Abstract We analyse the effects on the scattering states of the Hartree-Fock field, arising from truncation of the harmonic oscillator basis. We show that certain scattering properties may beExpand
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