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The Phonology of English as an International Language: New Models, New Norms, New Goals
  • J. Jenkins
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • 25 September 2000
This book advocates a new approach to English pronunciation teaching, in which the goal is mutual intelligibility among non-native speakers, rather than the imitation of native speakers. Expand
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A longitudinal study of the relation between language and theory-of-mind development.
Fifty-nine 3-year-olds were tested 3 times over a period of 7 months in order to assess the contribution of theory of mind to language development and of language to theory-of-mind developmentExpand
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Suicide and depression among college students: A decade later.
Are suicidal thoughts and depression increasing or decreasing among college students? What life circumstances are the most critical to explore with depressed or suicidal college students? ThisExpand
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Cognitive Factors and Family Structure Associated with Theory of Mind Development in Young Children.
Factors associated with individual variation in false belief understanding were examined. Sixty-eight 3- to 5-year-olds were tested on 4 standard false belief tasks. General language ability andExpand
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Possible Disintegrating Short-period Super-Mercury Orbiting KIC 12557548
We report on the discovery of stellar occultations, observed with Kepler, which recur periodically at 15.685 hr intervals, but which vary in depth from a maximum of 1.3% to a minimum that can be lessExpand
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Parenting Stress in Families of Children With ADHD
Meta-analyses were conducted to examine findings on the association between parenting stress and ADHD. Predictors comprising child, parent, and contextual factors, and methodological and demographicExpand
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Are sibling relationships protective? A longitudinal study.
BACKGROUND Although the protective effects of familial and parental support have been studied extensively in the child psychopathology literature, few studies have explored the protective quality ofExpand
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A longitudinal investigation of the dynamics of mental state talk in families.
Thirty-seven mothers and fathers were observed in their homes interacting with their 2- and 4-year-old-children at Time 1 and 2 years later. Parental mental state talk to children varied as aExpand
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Theory of mind development and social understanding.
Abstract A cross-sectional, correlational study of 30 children, 3 to 5 years old, investigated relations between their theory of mind development and social interaction, controlling for age andExpand
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Sequence and analysis of chromosome 1 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana
The genome of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana has five chromosomes. Here we report the sequence of the largest, chromosome 1, in two contigs of around 14.2 and 14.6 megabases. The contigsExpand
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