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Mutagenesis at a complex locus in Drosophila with the monofunctional alkylating agent, ethyl methanesulfonate.
The dumpy locus, with its multiplicity of mutant sites and wide range of phenotypes, is an ideal locus for studying genetic fine structure and mutagenesis.
Spontaneous mutation rate in the dumpy region of Drosophila.
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Identification of acoustic stimuli that mediate sexual behavior inDrosophila busckii (Diptera: Drosophilidae)
It is shown that D. busckiimales and females, unlike other drosophilids that have been analyzed in this regard, court and copulate as well in relatively dim red light as they do in bright white light, suggesting that perception of the female's song by either or both sexes facilitates mating.
Review Of "The Problem Of Life" By C. U. M. Smith
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