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Modeling and Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
A new model for shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators based on the physics of the process is described and control strategies using the model are developed, showing fast and accurate control of the strain in the SMA actuator. Expand
Robot-assisted Tactile Sensing for Minimally Invasive Tumor Localization
The results show that using the TSI under robotic control realizes an average 35% decrease in the maximum forces applied and a 50% increase in tumor detection accuracy when compared to manual manipulation of the same instrument, demonstrating that the detection of tumors using tactile sensing is highly dependent on how consistently the forces on the tactile sensing area are applied. Expand
Image‐guided video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (iVATS) ‐ phase I‐II clinical trial
A novel surgical approach which combines placement of fiducials using intra‐operative C‐arm computed tomography guidance with standard thoracoscopic resection technique using image‐guided video‐assistedThoracoscopic surgery (iVATS) is developed. Expand
Robot-assisted Active Catheter Insertion: Algorithms and Experiments
A robotics-based approach could make it possible for a clinician to remotely perform the insertion of the active catheter from a safe and comfortable environment, thereby reducing exposure to harmful X-ray radiation. Expand
Autonomous Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Active Catheter Insertion
Interventional cardiologists are at great risk from radiation exposure due to lengthy procedures performed under X-ray radiations. Angioplasty is one such procedure wherein the clinician guides aExpand
A Robust Position and Force Control Strategy for 7-DOF Redundant Manipulators
This paper is concerned with robust position and contact force control for 7-DOF redundant robot arms. An outer-inner loop controller, called the augmented hybrid impedance control scheme isExpand
An Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Diagnostic Imaging
Initial results suggest that using the VR system increased both task load and time taken to complete tasks, however, the resulting accuracy in assessing nodule growth of nodules was not significantly different than that achieved using a DICOM viewer application on a traditional display. Expand
Optimal Transseptal Puncture Location for Robot-Assisted Left Atrial Catheter Ablation
This paper has employed an optimization algorithm to maximize the Global Isotropy Index (GII) to evaluate the optimal transseptal puncture location for performing cardiac ablation to obtain maximum maneuverability of the catheter. Expand
Modelling and gain scheduled control of shape memory alloy actuators
This paper describes a gain-scheduled controller for a shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator. For accurate control of an SMA actuator, it is important to develop a precise model for the SMA. A model hasExpand
Mixed-Supervised Dual-Network for Medical Image Segmentation
This paper proposes Mixed-Supervised Dual-Network (MSDN), a novel architecture which consists of two separate networks for the detection and segmentation tasks respectively, and a series of connection modules between the layers of the two networks. Expand