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Mitochondrial DNA Diversity of Tor tambroides Valenciennes (Cyprinidae) from Five Natural Populations in Malaysia
In this study, we examined the genetic structure of Tor tambroides Valenciennes, an important indigenous freshwater fish species in Malaysia, using sequence analysis of 464 base pairs of theExpand
Phylogeographic Evidence for 2 Genetically Distinct Zoonotic Plasmodium knowlesi Parasites, Malaysia
Sequence analyses of genes derived from human and macaque samples led to the proposal that 2 distinct types exist.
Genetic Diversity of Tomistoma schlegelii Inferred from mtDNA Markers
The genetic diversity of the endangered crocodile Tomistoma schlegelii was characterized using the protein coding ND 6-tRNAglu-cyt b and the cytochrome b-control region (cyt b-CR) markers.Expand
Macacine Herpesvirus 1 in Long-Tailed Macaques, Malaysia, 2009–2011
Virus shedding by 39% of wild-caught macaques creates potential occupational risk for humans.
Phylogenetic relationships among several freshwater fishes (Family: Cyprinidae) in Malaysia inferred from partial sequencing of the Cytochrome b mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) gene
The phylogenetic relationships among 23 species of Malaysian freshwater fishes in the family Cyprinidae was inferred by partial sequencing of the Cytochrome b (Cyt b) mitochondrial gene. Samples wereExpand
Sequence polymorphism and haplogroup data of the hypervariable regions on mtDNA in Semoq Beri population
Orang Asli is the aboriginal people in Peninsular Malaysia who have been recognized as indigenous to the country and still practicing traditional lifestyle. The molecular interest on the Orang AsliExpand
Sequence variation data of the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region of the captive Malayan Gaur (Bos gaurus hubbacki)
This article contains data of the sequence variation in the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region of the Malayan gaur (Bos gaurus hubbacki), locally known as the seladang, from two captive centers. ThirtyExpand
Phylogenetic analysis of Macroglossus Sobrinus from Peninsular Malaysia
A study on the phylogeneticso f Mocroglossuss obrinus( GreaterL ong-nosedF ruit Bat)from Peninsular Malaysia was done using partial cytochrome b (cyt-b) mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)g ene.T heExpand
Socializing One Health: an innovative strategy to investigate social and behavioral risks of emerging viral threats
In an effort to strengthen global capacity to prevent, detect, and control infectious diseases in animals and people, the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) EmergingExpand