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Robust X-band LNAs in AlGaN/GaN technology
Gallium-Nitride technology is known for its high power density and power amplifier designs, but is also very well suited to realise robust receiver components. This paper presents the design,Expand
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X-Band Robust AlGaN/GaN Receiver MMICs with over 41 dBm Power Handling
A robust AlGaN/GaN Low Noise Amplifier and Transmit/Receive Switch MMIC. Expand
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Set of X-band distributed absorptive limiter GaAs MMICs
A set of X-band absorptive limiter GaAs MMICs has been designed and realised using both the PPH25x foundry process from UMS and the PP50-10 process from WIN semiconductors. The innovative limiterExpand
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FMCW radar with broadband communication capability
The use of amplitude modulation to encode information onto an FMCW radar signal is proposed in this paper. This new technique, that has been named AM-FMCW communicating radar, provides a new channelExpand
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X-Band GaN SPDT MMIC with over 25 Watt Linear Power Handling
Single pole double throw (SPDT) switches are becoming more and more key components in phased-array radar transmit/receive modules. An SPDT switch must be able to handle the output power of a highExpand
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Threats and protection for electronically-steered array radars
Front-end power overload protection is a vital issue in any electro-magnetic sensor. The issues around active electronically-steered arrays are more recent and pose new threats. Different categoriesExpand
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60 GHz Transceiver Building Blocks and Measurement
The increasing demand of frequency bandwidth for broadband wireless applications results in surveys to new frequency bands, suitable for high data-rate applications. The 60 GHz band is one of theExpand
Robust AlGaN/GaN MMIC Receiver Components
Abstract – Apart from delivering very high output powers, GaN can also be used to realize robust receiver components, such as Low Noise Amplifiersand Switches. This paper presents the designandExpand