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Application Of Nanotechnology In Agriculture And Food Industry, Its Prospects And Risks
A comprehensive up-to-date review related to the preparation and the biological activity of nanoformulations enabling gradual release of active ingredient into weeds and the body of pests and controlled release of nutrients to plants.
A new modification of anti-tubercular active molecules.
Transdermal Application of Drugs and Techniques Affecting Skin Barrier
The development in the field of pharmaceutical dosage forms results in discovery of additional highly sophisticated drug delivery systems that allow maintaining constant level of active substance in
Primary Investigation of the Preparation of Nanoparticles by Precipitation
Cholesterol, cholestenolone and pregnanolone acetate as model active pharmaceutical ingredients and some of the commonly used excipients as nanoparticle stabilizers were used in the investigated precipitation method that was modified and simplified and can be used as an effective and an affordable technique for the preparation of nanoparticles.
Antifungal properties of new series of quinoline derivatives.
Potential of agricultural fungicides for antifungal drug discovery
  • J. Jampílek
  • Biology
    Expert opinion on drug discovery
  • 2 January 2016
Modern agrochemical research (design of modern agrochemicals) comes close to drug design, discovery and development, and modern specific-target fungicides represent excellent lead-like structures/models for novel drug design and development.
Potential of Nanomaterial Applications in Dietary Supplements and Foods for Special Medical Purposes
This contribution comprehensively summarizes the current state of the research focused on nanoformulated human and veterinary dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods for special medical purposes, their particular applications in various food products and drinks as well as the most important related guidelines, regulations and directives.
Graphenic Materials for Biomedical Applications
This review summarizes the research results which were obtained in the last two years, especially those related to drug/gene/protein delivery systems and materials with antimicrobial properties, i.e. graphene, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide.