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In vitro antiplasmodial evaluation of medicinal plants from Zimbabwe
In this study the in vitro antiplasmodial activities of extracts from Cussonia spicata (Araliaceae), Artemisia afra, Vernonia colorata, V. natalensis (Asteraceae), Parinari curatellifoliaExpand
Diterpenes and a lignan from Jatropha grossidentata
The roots of Jatropha grossidentata gave, in addition to the previously described rhamnofolanes, nine further diterpenes of the lathyrane type. Furthermore, a new lignan and known coumarino-lignanExpand
Macrocyclic diterpenoids from Euphorbia semiperfoliata.
The obtained isolation yield of several jatrophanes was unprecedented within the spurges (Euphorbia spp.), making E. semiperfoliata a unique source of macrocyclic diterpenoids. Expand
Phloroglucinol derivatives and other constituents from south african helichrysum species
Abstract The investigation of 11 South African Helichrysum species afforded in addition to known compounds 26 further phloroglucinol derivatives, nine diterpenes, a derivative of isocomene and anExpand
Hirsutinolides from South African Vernonia species
The investigation of four South African Vernonia species afforded, in addition to known compounds, six ketohirsutinolides with different oxygen properties, which allowed for new ideas on how these compounds might interact with each other. Expand
Diterpenes and other constituents from Australian Helichrysum and related species
The investigation of several Australian representatives of the genus Helichrysum and related genera afforded 28 new diterpenes, a cadalenal, a guaiane and a sesquiterpene alcohol with a new carbon skeleton. Expand
New sesquiterpene lactones from Inula species
Structures and configurations of some of the investigated species contain besides the widely distributed pentaynene 33 several known thymol derivatives together with a new one. Expand
Essential oils of Baccharis salicifolia, B. latifolia and B. dracunculifolia
Abstract Samples of the essential oil from Baccharis salicifolia, four samples from B. latifolia, and one sample from B. dracunculifolia collected in the high valleys of Bolivia in the province ofExpand
Sesquiterpene coumarin ethers from asafetida
Abstract A commercial sample of Asafetida gave three new sesquiterpene coumarin ethers based on an acyclic terpenoid moiety. The structure of asacoumarin B was revised.
Progress in the chemistry of the Vernonieae (Compositae)
The Vernonieae are characterized by the occurrence of highly oxygenated germacranolides and by simple polyacetylenes as well as by the absence of diterpenes, phenyl propanes and p-hydroxyacetophenoneExpand