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Topological Anderson insulator.
The role of disorder is investigated in the context of the recently discovered topological insulator, which possesses a pair of helical edge states with opposing spins moving in opposite directions and exhibits the phenomenon of quantum spin Hall effect.
Kohn-Sham Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.
Self-consistent solutions of the KS equations demonstrate that this formulation captures not only configurations with nonuniform densities but also topological properties such as fractional charge and fractional braid statistics for the quasiparticles excitations.
The Composite Fermion: A Quantum Particle and Its Quantum Fluids
Discovery of new particles is not usually associated with condensed matter physics, because, at one level, we already know all the particles that go into the Hamiltonian—namely, electrons and ions.
Luttinger Theorem for the Strongly Correlated Fermi Liquid of Composite Fermions.
Using the microscopic theory of composite fermions, it is shown that the Fermi wave vectors at filling factors ν and 1-ν are equal when expressed in units of the inverse magnetic length, and are generally consistent with the experimental findings of Kamburov et al.
Fractional angular momentum in cold-atom systems.
It is proposed that the fractionalization of the angular momentum can be detected directly through the measurement of the pair correlation function in rotating ultracold atomic systems in the fractionsal quantum Hall regime.
Evidence for electron-electron interaction in topological insulator thin films
We consider in our work single crystal thin films of Bi(2)Se(3), grown by molecular beam epitaxy, both with and without Pb doping. Angle-resolved photoemission data demonstrate topological surface
Composite Fermions in the Hilbert Space of the Lowest Electronic Landau Level
Single particle basis functions for composite fermions are obtained from which many-composite fermion states confined to the lowest electronic Landau level can be constructed in the standard manner,
Mechanism for current saturation and energy dissipation in graphene transistors.
The Boltzmann theory including all scattering mechanisms gives an excellent account of high electric field transport in single as well as double-oxide graphene transistors and unambiguously that scattering from the substrate and superstrate surface optical phonons governs the high-field transport and heat dissipation over a wide range of experimentally relevant parameters.
Observation of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator to Anderson Insulator Quantum Phase Transition and its Scaling Behavior.
This work reports on the experimental observation of a quantum phase transition from a quantum-anomalous-Hall insulator to an Anderson insulator in a magnetic topological insulator by tuning the chemical potential.
Crystallization in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime Induced by Landau-Level Mixing.
The nonperturbative fixed-phase diffusion Monte Carlo method is used to determine the phase diagram of the Wigner crystal in the ν-κ plane, where ν is the filling factor and κ is the strength of Landau-level (LL) mixing.