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Characterising the behaviour of poorly water soluble drugs in the intestine: application of biorelevant media for solubility, dissolution and transport studies
Objectives  Based on the knowledge of human intestinal fluids, compositions of biorelevant media and their impact on solubility, dissolution and permeability studies of poorly soluble drug compounds
Effect of a local anesthetic lozenge in relief of symptoms in burning mouth syndrome.
The results indicate that the bupivacaine lozenge offers a novel therapeutic modality to patients with BMS, although without alleviating effect on the associated symptoms, taste alterations, and xerostomia.
Filter-grown TR146 cells as an in vitro model of human buccal epithelial permeability.
The results indicate that a submerged filter-grown TR146 cell culture at day 23 of culture has the potential to model the human buccal epithelial barrier for permeation of drugs.
Buccal iontophoretic delivery of atenolol.HCl employing a new in vitro three-chamber permeation cell.
  • J. Jacobsen
  • Biology, Medicine
    Journal of controlled release : official journal…
  • 29 January 2001