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[Variations in a 24-year period of colorectal and gastric cancer in Mexico].
It is found that changes of CG/CCR ratio in a period of 24 years showed elevation of CCR incidence at five Mexican hospitals. Expand
[A 35-year report of the study of group on gastrointestinal cancer in Mexico City: variations in frequency of different digestive tract neoplasms among different socioeconomic statuses].
This epidemiologic data should lead to implement sanitary measures for the prevention, early diagnosis, and appropriate treatment of gastrointestinal neoplasms, and to define the relationship between dietary changes and cancer occurrence. Expand
[Usefulness of the 14C-urea marked test in the detection of Helicobacter pylori in patients with dyspepsia].
It is concluded that the UT is a simple, non-invasive and useful diagnostic alternative to detect HP in patients with dyspepsia. Expand
[A case of isolated jejunal ulcer and review of the literature].
The case of a patient with past history of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that presented a solitary yeyunal ulcer with perilesional stenosis that was manifested as intermitent bowel obstruction is described. Expand
[Gastric cancer. I. Epidemiology].
[Early diagnosis of cancer of the digestive tract].
[Optimization of the tagged urea test for the detection of H. pylori in patients with dyspepsia].
A sensitivity analysis of the 14C-urea breath test concludes that UBT can be completed with a single breath sampling at 15 min, and its results objectively interpreted as positive if the 14CO2 excretion is > or = 1.7%. Expand
[Duodenal peptic ulcer. Medical therapy].
[Comparative study of enprostil versus cimetidine in patients with duodenal ulcer during 6 weeks of treatment].
Se llevo a cabo un estudio de investigacion clinica, abierto para el investigador para ciego para el endoscopista en 40 pacientes with ulcera duodenal, donde se prectico hematica, analisis general de orina, pruebas de funcionamiento hepatico y quimica sanguinea antes y durante el tratamientos. Expand