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Eight Weeks of Phosphatidic Acid Supplementation in Conjunction with Resistance Training Does Not Differentially Affect Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Resistance-Trained Men.
When combined with RT, it appears that PA has a more than likely impact on improving lower-body strength, whereas a likely impact exists for increasing muscle size and lean mass.
The H3K27me3-demethylase KDM6A is suppressed in breast cancer stem-like cells, and enables the resolution of bivalency during the mesenchymal-epithelial transition
This work shows that the expression of the H3K27me3-demethylase KDM6A is reduced in cells that have undergone EMT, stem-like subpopulations of mammary cell lines and stem cell-enriched triple-negative breast cancers, and suggests KDM 6A inhibition as a viable strategy to suppress metastasis formation in breast cancer.
Resistance Training–Induced Elevations in Muscular Strength in Trained Men Are Maintained After 2 Weeks of Detraining and Not Differentially Affected by Whey Protein Supplementation
A 2-week period of DT appeared to retain muscular strength in resistance-trained men and can potentially retain lower-body strength in young resistance- trained men irrespective of supplementing with 25 g of whey protein postexercise.
Exercise-induced changes in stress hormones and cell adhesion molecules in obese men
Purpose The current study examined the relationship between exercise-induced changes in stress hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol) and vascular inflammatory markers (soluble
A Comparison of Flexed Vs. Relaxed Skinfold Methodology in College Aged Males and Females
It appears that assessing overall body composition using a flexed skinfold method does not necessarily improve the overall accuracy of skinfold body composition measurement when compared against a relaxed method.